Chemical and Food Plant

Project’s Description

The project involves the study and construction of the new ALFA PRODUCTS SA company facilities, the repair and rehabilitation of its existing ones and the landscaping the whole plot, situated in Nemea, Corinth. The company deals with chemicals and food products.

The unusual form of inverted pyramid-shaped shells with curved seats, which are 15.00m x 15.00m and are made by reinforced concrete and the extensive damage to the floor led us to decide to totally reconstruct the building. More specifically, we deposed of the existing floor uncovering the absence of condensation of the substrate and the failure of the tubular system of rainwater passing through the post and under the floor. The tubular grid was built anew, soil concentrations were cast out and the new plate was reinforced based on the building uses and associated loads. We cast a new industrial floor with hardener mortar cement and quartz aggregates with suitable granulometry and expansion joints. Everything was sealed with polyethylene cord and polyurethane sealant. Then epoxy paint was applied across the floor surface. The inner shells were coated with non-calcium, fiber reinforced coating, enriched with acrylic plasticisers. Special attention was given to ensure the tightness of the successive but statically independent roofs, without imposing loads above the design loads. The old asphalt waterproofing layers were removed and 240bar water jet pressure was applied until concrete saturation. Up to this day, the polyurethane paint resistant to UV radiation combined with mapping and sealing of cracks by non-shrinkable materials, grown on principal stresses rails, has shown excellent behaviour which has recently been put to test in icing and de-icing cycles. A new electrical and plumbing network was constructed as well as a heating-cooling system via a heat pump.

The joints develop in horizontal and vertical planes and present high mobility because of the structural system. They are sealed with flashings and EPDM membranes. On the ground level the administration offices were constructed in a metallic bearing structure which is statically independent to the bearing structure of the roof and the bearing structure of the perimeter vertical masonry. In the surroundings, bearing plates were reconstructed in order to bear cargo tanks of a total of 4000tn. Also, a subase was constructed with inert torrent concentrated in two layers with mechanical means and tubular rainwater drainage networks of a total length of 350m along with manholes, sinks and catchment. On the facade, new widows were constructed and cold frames were applied with energy glass compatible with the final design which will be implemented in the immediate future.