Mineral Industry Headquarters

Project’s Description

The new industrial premises of PROLAT are developed in the company’s existing plot of 9509.27 m2 in Mandra, Attica. The terrain of the property is smooth without significant slope. The aim is the upgrading and extension of the facilities by transporting the existing building northward upon a new basement and by designing two new buildings on top of the existing anchorages and foundations. The facilities will serve various uses and will house the new administration, production, development and showroom buildings. The purpose and challenge of the architectural brief was to mark and distinguish the company among the disorderly industrial surrounding environment of the plot. The aim was to design a building that would achieve this and at the same time express a high level of design thinking and expertise as a representation of the innovative products developed by PROLAT. Another challenge was to break the monotony of the typical industrial volumes, which is achieved by creating a monolithic concrete access core and a parametrically developed shading skin which both breaks the significant mass of the production facility while providing shading to the south-facing office spaces. The limited plot area in combination with multiple programmatic elements required the coordination of a number of varying usages. Such a space is the atrium, a key element of the architectural composition, around which the showroom develops as a loop, with the ability to be converted into a unified space for company events. The buildings are linked both above and below ground level. Two parking spaces are constructed, one above the ground for visitors and one underground for employees. The landscaping strategy was developed around the facilitation of visitor access and movements relating to industrial use, e.g. the loading and unloading of heavy vehicles. The main gate was designed as a continuation of the central access volume while separating the visitor vehicles from the heavy industrial ones. Finally, the analytical study of the building details ensure the seamless execution of the architectural vision, the explicit description of the technical information of the project and the projection and management of construction costs from the early stages of the project.



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