Office Building – Logistics

Project’s Description

The office building and logistics in the capital of Freetown, Sierra Leone was adapted to the need for storage and administration, therefore having two volumes which separate the uses but are interconnected. The design included the optimisation of the circulation and the storage as well as the provision for future storage extensions. The buildings are developed into three distinct wings; the three-story office building, the cargo building and the storage building. Large shelters were designed along the slope of the plot in order to cope with the local conditions of prolonged rainfall. An important design parameter was the formation of structural building elements for protection against theft, using walls on the perimeter of the plot as well as part of the building itself. During the design process, it was decided to use easy-to-transport prefabricated elements due to the absence of productive units in the country and the lack of manufacturing expertise. Therefore the surfaces over the protection level (concrete shear wall) and the coating are metal plates with internal polyurethane insulation. The main body of the building consists of standard hot rolled metallic sections with threaded joints at the metal hubs.



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