Olive Extraction Facility

Project’s Description

The decision to construct the olive extraction facility in the same plot as the administration, marketing, standardisation and oil storage building of the company reformulated the architectural composition of the facades as well as the movements and uses in the plot. The building will be erected on an existing foundation in order to support the mill traffic loads, which last three months per year. The short operational period defines the building diagram, which aims to optimise the use of this constantly regulated building-scale machine but also to receive, process, deliver and store the product. A double curved surface surrounds the building’s steel frame, symbolising the flow and viscosity of the olive oil itself. The flow of olive oil has been attributed as an archetypal, fundamental and necessary element, defining the strong omnidirectional relationship between the building uses. The stereotype of a polluting olive extraction facility with scattered byproducts of the production process has been dealt with by concentrating all waste in a recess, conjugated in cantilever with the adjacent building. A future expansion twin building with an intermediate distribution area of ​​working loads has been predicted in the study.