Packaging Building for Agricultural Products

Project’s Description

The project is located in an auxiliary road parallel to the National Road Patras – Pyrgos. Due to the significant coverage of the building compared to the total size of the plot, we thoroughly analysed the trajectories of all vehicles using the surroundings to optimise the active surface. Produce packing plants are common in the wider area of Ilia and they consist of a typical form industrial building with a bearing structure of metallic linear members and surfaces of coated prefabricated panels with internal polyurethane insulation. We approached the project maintaining the same structural system but designing a different geometric shape which resulted from the existence and location of a semi-open loading space for heavy vehicles and the offices which are situated in the front as a receiving element, housing business administration usages. The volume of the offices is coated with zinc sheets, while the semi-open loading space is lined with large perforated metal plates used for advertising, visible from the National Road. We note that the work, within the approved subsidy proposal from EU funds, had a budget, which constrained the architectural and structural study costs. Another element that also played an important part in the final cost configuration was the landscaping study.



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