Packaging Building for Fruits in Corinth

Project’s Description

The project involves the restoration, upgrading and improvement of a produce packaging plant. The original facility was destroyed in a fire. The fire that struck the premises imposed the need for direct project documentation at a technical level for the insurance company and the authorities involved and the rapid preparation of all required studies so that the factory would be reconstructed before the start of the next business season.

Cost optimisation and selection of the fastest possible construction system were the most important design parameters. The use of the existing foundation was decided after reviewing the carrying capacity and the ability to reduce loads via the new bearing structure using cold rolled sections and welded honeycomb sections.

We reached a 40% decrease of the bearing structure weight. We provided general technical consulting services apart from carrying out the studies and supervising daily in order to meet the delivery deadlines of the project, to draw up contracts with subcontractors, to document the project and to have dynamic communication with legal counsel regarding the insurance compensation . The project was constructed successfully. Due to the fact that we built a replica of the old building we decided to design a new facade element on the existing facade, a composite space frame that acts as a point of integrating the different building volumes and shading the new refrigerators.