Vacation House in Lefkada

Project’s Description

The summer holiday house in Greece with the strong and prolonged sunlight and temperate climate leads us to treat the plot as part of the housing with the other part being the building. The time spent outdoors in semi-open spaces which are the extensions of the building within the surrounding environment reconstructs the relationship of the plot, the building and the user, forming the foundation of the architectural approach.

The project involves the design and construction of a vacation mixed use residence including renting it seasonally to tourists. The 5159.86 m2 seaside plot is situated in Vasiliki, Lefkada island. The plot is characterised by a steep slope towards the coast. An important design parameter was cost reduction which led us to develop the building with its surroundings along the contour lines, creating linear developments and therefore reducing the use of retaining walls. The proximity to the sea made it necessary to use waterproofing technologies, such as creating micro-crystals in the concrete and applying external insulation system of organic plaster. The entrance is situated in the north part of the first floor, as the inclination of the plot minimises the distance from a natural plateau used as a parking space. The interiors are standardised and characterised by linearity. The open portion of the plot is formed with natural terraces supported by local stone friezes, defining paths among the trees of the plot as well as a path leading to the small cove at the foot of the plot. The planting will be harmonised with the local environment through the use of local flora using a planting strategy and earthy materials.

For the project, all architectural, structural and electromechanical details were solved during the studies with the aim of minimising costs and achieving detailed engineering applicability with current technologies and standards.