Vacation House in Mykonos

Project’s Description

The plot is located in Agios Ioannis, facing West, located on a steeply sloping site. The building program is complex and variable, so that the building can be offered for private or tourist use, as well as a combination of both. It covers the accommodation needs of an eight-member family and staff service, hosting a total of 12 people. The building orientation is towards the west, ensuring optimal views to Delos Island. Rest and living rooms are shaped and protected from the frequent strong winds by using structural inserts and by turning them about the prevailing direction (N-NE). The in-cave building has the capacity of accommodating 12 people and it is used as guest quarters or rooms to let to tourists without affecting the privacy of the home. The service for the rooms is achieved through landscaped corridors and the underground communication portico. The food preparation area and the expansive service facilities are designed to serve the hospitality component of the complex. The complex also includes a gym, spa and private church.





Residence, Tourism